Kanika Vasudeva | Art of Life Center

Hi there! Welcome to the Art of Life Center 🥰

If you’re looking to connect within and to create some magic in your life, then you’ve come to the right place.

My desire is to make magic accessible to everybody.

Let’s break this down. First, what is magic?

This magic is defined by you. Maybe you are feeling stuck in a situation. Then having more space and freedom is your magic. Maybe you have some deep questions. Then perhaps understanding why things happened a certain way is your magic.

I’ll let you define your magic. What is it that you want?

With every class, with every session, you’ll learn tools to bring magic into your life. You learn tools to release pain and stuckness, and then nourish it instead with flavours of your choice.

In time, you’ll notice magic coming in. Sometimes, it’ll be quick and easy and you’ll be jumping with surprise and excitement. Other times, magic might trickle in slower as there might be more to clean up and restore.

Now the second part. Let’s talk about making magic accessible for everybody.

Every session leaves you with tools you can continue practicing as many times as you like.

In time, you’ll notice magic coming in. Sometimes, it’ll be quick and easy, and you’ll be laughing and jumping with excitement. In other areas, magic might take longer to trickle in as it moves through tiny crevices while you clean up and restore energy in your body and aura.

You’ll be healing, you’ll be growing and you’ll see life turning around with every session, whether you do in a combined effort with a whole class or individually on your own.

The more you practice, the more muscles you build, the more magic you bring in.

None of these tools taught are hard. In fact, they are all meant to be playful and fun.

Regardless of the topic of a class, they are all set at a fun energy. This means that there is plenty of laughter and curiosity in every session.

You see, we could all get overwhelmed with the stuff we have going on in our lives, and cry and be serious. It is ok to feel the emotions before we can let it go.

But a lot of time, with these tools, you don’t have to feel the pain to let it go away from your body. You could simply see the stones that are causing you pain and throw them out of the way. You don’t need to walk on the stones to experience the sharpness.

Just like little kids, you could address your emotions and pain with curiosity.

Ever watched kids playing with dirt? It’s almost as if the dirtier and messier the stuff, the more fun they have.

Kids don’t care about their clothes getting dirty or how long the stain will stay on their clothes? Kids simply focus on playing.

You could clean yourself off your pain with that mindset too, just like kids.

During all classes and sessions, we have permission to simply be kids. We might move a lot of serious and disturbing energy out, but we laugh and play and have a jolly good time.

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