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  • Manage stress and anxiety
  • Manifest your dream life
  • Live, laugh and enjoy
Art Therapy Membership Art of Life Center Playful Art Therapy

Fun art therapy and creative classes. It’s playtime for adults

Art Therapy Membership Art of Life Center Evidence Based Art Therapy

Work on specific intentions. See the change happen in your life for real

Art Therapy Membership Art of Life Center Regular Practice Art Therapy

Ongoing classes and healing sessions to heal and create

Art Therapy Membership Art of Life Center Teacher Support Art Therapy

Regular teacher contact and support for your own unique journey

Art Therapy Membership Art of Life Center Ebooks and Recordings Art Therapy

Guiding videos and worksheets to integrate your learning

Art Therapy Membership Art of Life Center Easy Access Art Therapy

Convenient private access for all your class material

This meditation subscription is designed to empower you with the tools and resources needed to deal with the ups and downs in your life in a healthy manner and to unlock your full potential.

These sessions will properly guide you into the transformation you always wanted in a fun and magical way. It’s all the things that worked for me, plus all the other fun and effective ways that can also work for you to get you closer to your goals!  

1. Release stress and anxiety for REAL

Traditionally, most of us are given little or no strategies to deal with hardships. We often grow up trying to ‘suck up and get going’. This motto doesn’t really work though.

When you don’t know how to manage stress and anxiety and truly let it go, it stays in the body. You can experience body aches and dis-ease.

Even after trying to move on for years and years, you can carry hurt and pain because it couldn’t find a way to release from the body.

But you don’t have to feel powerless anymore. You can unlock your full potential and live a life of your dreams.

The meditation subscription will provide you with proven tools and strategies to heal and create a better life. You don’t ever have to feel stuck again.

2. Start improving the quality of your life

The meditation subscription provides you access to ongoing art therapy and creativity classes, meditation courses and energy healing sessions. Not only are the sessions super fun, but also deeply healing and nourishing.

You’ll learn fun and easy ways to release pain and replace it with high-vibration energy that is uniquely yours. You will create new neural pathways in your brain that replace negative thought patterns with more favourable ones.

Get ready for a supercharged transformation with plenty of laughter and support.

3. Start manifesting your dream life

You are a powerful creator. You are fully capable of living a limitless life beyond your wildest dreams.

With the meditation subscription, you learn to tap into your power of creating and manifestation. As you let go more and more of what no longer serves you, you create an environment that supports your goals.

You will find your life filling up with high vibration relationships and memories. Daily life will feel lighter and troubles will start washing away more easily.

Whether you’re looking to manifest a soulmate or a dream vacation or a career change or any other life goal, you’ll learn tools and techniques to reset your life to the highest gear.

4. Guided meditation course tailored to uniquely you

This meditation course is designed especially for you, crafted for your particular goals and desires.

These are the personal, professional and spiritual opportunities that will make your life truly magical. Throughout the subscription, you’ll do some fun and imaginative play to get more freedom and joy in your chosen areas.

Before each class, you get to set an intent on what you want to achieve. Then you’ll work in the class to clear any mental blocks and energy that stops you from living a highly fulfilling life.

Hence, every session will be uniquely catered to you because you’ll work on your goals and connect with your own guidance and next steps.

You’ll also have one-on-one live energy-clearing sessions where an experienced teacher will give you a spiritual healing cleansing your chakra and aura layers, and making space for miracles and joy.

Your transformation begins with you Art Therapy Art of Life Center 1 Art Therapy

5. Less theory, more practice

The tools you’ll learn in the Meditation Subscription are super easy to use, and also very powerful.

There is almost no theory to the tools, and although you will get explanatory videos and worksheets, there is little you need to know before you can start playing with them to make them your own.

The whole point of the art therapy and creativity classes is to connect you to your own guidance and intuition. All the knowledge is truly within you. The more you explore, the more awareness you get, and the more you improve your life and around you.

You’ll have fun practicing with your tools and having more control over what happens in your life.

6. Practice healing and manifesting beyond your (current) imagination

The art therapy and creativity classes are the beginning of unlocking your full potential – building confidence within, healing past traumas and manifesting your dream life.

  • Learn to get unstuck from any situation.
  • Learn how to heal from any hardship in life, and create a safe and nurturing space
  • Learn to bring joy and prosperity in the body

As you step into your power more and more, you’ll start realizing how truly capable you are. Your goals will expand, your desires will expand and so will your ability to be able to create that growth for yourself.

So are you ready to start manifesting and create a life truly filled with magic? Start your journey towards greater peace, joy, and abundance now!

What do members say?

Who is Kanika?

Meditation Subscription Art Therapy Art of Life Center Kanika 1 Art Therapy

Kanika’s growing years were thoroughly methodical. As an Engineer and MBA professional, most things in life were led by analysis and very black and white. Until life crashed…

Life was already getting hard, but then at 31 weeks of a healthy pregnancy, she lost her daughter. No reason, no warning…

Ironically, death gave her an appreciation for life and the bigger role of our souls and divine purpose.

She’s since started diving deep into past lives and soul purpose, healing timeline, and ancestral lineage.

She has completed various programs on clairvoyant reading, healing and teaching.

The more she’s healed herself inside, the more joy and abundance she’s created in her physical life and for those around her.

Her desire is to make magic accessible to everybody.

Here’s what you get when you join

Art Therapy Art of Life Center Achieve Inner Peace Art Therapy

Release stress and fear. Experience clarity and focus in everyday life.

Art Therapy Art of Life Center Level Up Your Life Art Therapy

Improve your health, relationships, career and personal growth.

Art Therapy Art of Life Center Self Care Routine Art Therapy

Regular classes to build growth habits. Each class held twice to cover all time zones.

Meditation subscription Art Therapy Start Manifesting Art of Life Center Art Therapy

Live Q&A, on-demand videos and worksheets so you can integrate your learning.

Meditation subscription Energy Clearing Art Therapy Start Manifesting Art of Life Center Art Therapy

Energy healing session to clear blockages and step into your fullest potential

Art Therapy Art of Life Center Ongoing Support Art Therapy

Proven tools for your life goals plus guided support and encouragement.

Choose the plan that’s right for you

Art Therapy Art of Life Center Money Back Guarantee Art Therapy

I am certain that the meditation subscription will be transformative for you, and to put your mind at ease, I offer a 14-day money-back guarantee to make this a zero-risk investment for you.

If, within 14 days of the purchase, you feel that these classes and materials are not suited to you, just reach out and receive a 100% refund. no questions asked, no hard feelings – only well wishes.

I use the very tools that I teach in these classes, multiple times every single day because they are just so freaking good and powerful. Regardless of the situation that I am in, whether I want to heal or create or both, the tools and strategies taught in these classes work miracles.

I want you to feel confident investing in yourself, in your freedom and joy. Enroll today and you have peace of mind with my 14-day satisfaction guarantee.

Your journey to expand and grow begins here. It’s your time to rise to your unlimited potential and create the life you want.

Commonly Asked Questions

Explore the frequently asked questions below, and in case you have any further inquiries, feel free to contact me.

How do I attend the art therapy and creativity classes?

Classes are conducted online. You are provided with a Google Meet link to attend. Any smart device with an internet connection should work to connect to the class.

  • Classes open 15 minutes prior to allow everyone to feel welcome before diving in. This time allows you to settle in and get comfortable in the space.
  • This is a fun space and no pressure class. Therefore, video is NOT required. This means you can dial in from your bed, or be having a rough day and still have a safe sanctuary where you can heal yourself and leave feeling better.
  • There is time at the end of the session to ask questions or share comments. If your question is personal, just wait a little longer; the teacher will be with you. You can also send a personal message via chat during class if needed.
How do I attend the one-on-one teacher energy healing session?

Every month, you’ll be able to book an energy-clearing session with a teacher at a suitable time.

  • When your session is scheduled, you can dial in using your phone or computer connected to the internet.
  • You are encouraged to meditate before the session.
  • The teacher will tune into your spirit and give you psychic healing. If you have any special healing requests, you can ask before/during the session.
I would like to attend the classes live. Would you have sessions in my time zone?

There are two sessions for every class to suit all time zones. No matter where you live, there should be a class time that suits you.

If you can’t attend live, you can always watch the replay. You still have support for all your questions.

I can’t attend the sessions live. What can I do?

If for some reason you can’t attend online, watch the replay at your own convenience. I’ll reach out separately to check how you’re going and if there is anything you might need.

There are many students who’ve completed full courses offline – people with irregular working schedule, people with little kids or other daytime responsibilities, travel, family circumstances etc.

If your schedule doesn’t allow live attendance, attending offline works just as well. You still get the same level of support. You are able to reach your teacher with any queries.

How do you ensure that we’re working on my goals once I sign-up for meditation subscription?

The membership is designed to empower you with the tools and resources needed to unlock your full potential and live your best life.

We kick-off the process by asking you about your life goals. We start by understanding your unique aspirations – whether you are looking to achieve financial freedom, improve your health and fitness or build meaningful relationships – and use each class and follow-up practice to get you closer to your goals.

You will get access to a private library of resources to provide you with healthy ways to release pain and stress, and create a magical life.

With each class, you’ll practice applying these tools to uplift different areas. From learning how to get better sleep to manifesting a more fulfilling life, each class offers something unique and shows how to use tools to bring abundance in various spheres of your life.

The program includes helpful worksheets and personal follow-ups to ensure that you stay on track and continue making progress toward achieving your goals.

What art supplies should I get to class? What if I don’t have anything?

There is no specific requirement for the art supplies you need to get. Anything that allows your hand to express will do.

You can get color pencils, crayons, pastels, water colors, highlighters, sketch pens, whatever you have around or whatever you would like to play with.

If you don’t have anything, just some pen and paper or a drawing app on your device will work fine too.

The art supplies are used more as an expressive medium to allow your guidance to flow through. So don’t stress, these classes are for de-stressing. Just come in anyway, and everything will work out perfectly.

If you have a particular query that I have not covered, please feel free to reach out.

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