Dealing with Death: My Journey Coping with the Birth and Loss of My Beautiful Daughter

The cycle of life and death is one of the greatest mysteries of human existence. While life brings joy and happiness, death often leaves us with an empty void, a space that seems impossible to fill. Dealing with death is not something most of us ever think about or prepare for.

In 2018, I experienced a loss so profound that it shook me to my core. I lost my beautiful daughter, Ayana, who was yet to experience the world.

This article aims to share my journey of dealing with Ayana’s death and how I coped with it, with the hope that it can provide some solace to others walking a similar painful path.

The Before: A Journey Filled with Hope

New Year surprises are generally joyous; ours was extra special. In January 2018, I found out I was pregnant with my second child.

We weren’t really planning for a second child but this New Year surprise was simply perfect! We had a son aged two at the time, and another child would be absolutely precious.

Everything seemed to be going well during the pregnancy. My blood pressure was perfect, my test results were good, and the baby was growing perfectly.

Around 20 weeks, we learned that we were going to have a girl. Wow! Everybody in the family couldn’t be happier. We have mostly boys in our family, and having this little princess would be divine.

Time was passing quickly in the usual grind – managing work and home and caring for a busy toddler. I was now only 8 weeks away from my due date.

We had sent our papers at the hospital where I would give birth. Clothes were neatly stacked and sorted by size in individual bags tenderly waiting to be worn. Baby swing and bassinet provided much amusement to our little son as he practiced looking after a baby doll.

The Unexpected Turn

My daytime would be crazy. I looked forward to nighttime when I could finally rest and feel our baby kicking. That used to be my one-on-one time with her, so I loved it.

I would be super exhausted by the time I hit bed though, that I would fall asleep in minutes, only to wake up 4-5 times at night to go to the toilet. One night though, I slept really well. I didn’t feel those kicks and a sleepy tired me didn’t realize that something was wrong, something was really wrong!

I called up the hospital the next morning and I was asked to come in straight to the hospital. After examination, I heard the words that no parent wants to hear, “I’m sorry. There is no heartbeat.”

We were to learn later that due to an internal injury in the placenta, our baby lost blood and passed away. There is probably no way I would have sensed that something was wrong. And even if I did, everything would have happened in minutes, before we could have gotten to the hospital.

The Next Days

The next few days were one of the hardest in our lives. Those moments are forever etched in my memory as if my conscious mind has held onto what it couldn’t really hold.

I remember getting into the hospital the next morning to give birth. The doctors induced me twice for contractions, but my body wasn’t ready to let go. Finally, they induced me a third time and drugged me to sleep. Ayana arrived in this world soon after.

It was unreal to hold her.

Ayana 1 | My Inner Strengths

Here she was – 1.5 kilos of perfectly formed little being, born sleeping. Her tiny hand and feet and little hair, everything was absolutely perfect.

I marveled at the beauty of God’s creation. And I was devastated at the loss of it.

If she could have grown up – How would her voice sound like? What would her laughter have been like? Would she be bossy? Would she tap to music like her brother?

Just for one minute, could she be alive, please? Somehow, some miracle, please.

Dealing With Death – The Road to Accepting Ayana’s Loss

Your life is shorter than you think. Live it up.

Coming back home felt absolutely empty. The crib and toys and clothes served as reminders of her absence. Frankly, I just wanted to crawl into bed and never get up.

But we had to keep life going on.

Our little two-year-old son was too little to understand what had happened. He still needed to be fed and looked after at all times, and mummy was his big comfort. I would be sobbing and then he’d look at my face. So I’d wipe my tears and try to fake interest in whatever he was doing.

As tough as it was, I’m also really thankful that I had my little son to care for at this desperate time. At least he was alive, living life.

My son was showing me that life is short and we should enjoy it however we can. From the moment he woke up till the moment he went to bed, his focus would be wholly and solely on having fun.

When we would be in the playground, he would enjoy till his last ride on the slide. He wouldn’t worry because mummy had told him he would go home after this last one.

Ayana’s life was far shorter than I could have ever imagined. If I’d known, I would have spoken with her far more while she was in my tummy.

Life is such a gift, for us and for those around us. We shouldn’t waste it.

Even if my life was hard, these were also memories I was creating for my child or husband and other loved ones. I couldn’t mourn one child’s death while ignoring another child’s life. Getting out of bed was the only answer.

Declutter. Give away what you can.

After I came home from the hospital, I boxed away all of Ayana’s items because I simply couldn’t handle seeing them. A few months later though, after a friend’s suggestion, I posted an ad online and gave away all her things to another expecting mother.

As I let go of all her stuff that I held back, it felt as if I opened a valve to let out all of the boxed up emotions inside me. I cried my heart out as I let go but felt much better and lighter after giving away her belongings.

It felt good to know that some girl would be dancing around in those clothes and playing with those little toys. Everything had been purchased with much love and thought, at least the items wouldn’t be wasted.

All the stuff that we have around us carries energy. If we want to bring fresh new vibrancy in, we have to let go of the past.

I have to confess that it took me some time to get ready to say goodbye to these items. Somehow it felt that letting go of stuff would mean that I have let go of whatever physical memories I have of her.

But in reality, nothing can be further from the truth. I wasn’t saying goodbye to Ayana’s presence. Quite the contrary.

I was only bidding goodbye to my pain and sadness, and by letting go I was making peace with the presence of Ayana’s thoughts.

From then on, whenever my thoughts ran to how Ayana would have been as a baby, I directed my love and wishes to that child.

It has been really comforting and therapeutic. It felt like I was letting go of my emotional baggage, making peace with my pain.

It helps to remember that we are souls with bodies and not the other way around.

Dealing with Ayana’s passing has been one of the toughest things I’ve ever done. In fact, when I got the news, I never thought I could ever cope with it.

Times and again, this quote has really helped me.

We are a soul with a body.

Most of us have lived many many times before too, and this is just one that we’ve chosen to experience now. As a spirit, Ayana still exists. All that is lost is only her body.

For a mourning mother, this is a very comforting statement.

I think of Ayana as a soul on a spiritual journey. Her life may have been shorter than we’d hoped for, but she hasn’t gone.

But do I believe this? Well, let me share something that happened with me time and again.

My deepest pain was not having my darling to hold and cuddle, not having her around to say how much I loved her. So I got a sparkly pink diary and started writing to her, whenever and whatever I wanted to.

Pink Diary| Death | My Inner strengths
I would start writing when I would be overwhelmed but somehow during the letter words would come automatically and I would get a sense of comfort and calm

No matter how desperate I would be feeling before I started writing, by the end of my letter, I would always end up saying that it is ok, that I’m her strong mum and that I’ll survive and be happy.

I could feel Ayana’s guidance coming through to support me.

So I hadn’t really lost her. I had only lost her body. My spirit connection with her will always be there.


They say that kids come in our life to teach us some life lessons. Mine surely did.

I’ve come to think of Ayana as my spiritual teacher. I believe that she came in so that I could take a good hard re-look at my life and change it for the better. She continues to teach me every day to live my life to the fullest each day and every moment.

Of course, I miss her all the time, I always will, but I’m coming to accept life for what it is, and choosing to live while I can.

I’ll leave with you some parting words from Gibran

Your children are not your children.
They are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself.
They come through you but not from you,
And though they are with you yet they belong not to you.

PS: I’m hoping this post can help other parents and loved ones passing through a tough time. Please consider sharing this article with anybody that comes to your mind.

Thank you very much.


Dear beautiful people, thank you for your love and support and words of encouragement. I haven’t spoken with many of you for years, but I feel your love coming through and I remember our times together with much fondness. Thank you for your hugs and wishes.

You remind me that I’m blessed to have so much love around me in all corners of the world. You remind me that this world is kind and compassionate, and amidst the loss of love, I am also finding love. Thank you deeply.

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23 responses to “Dealing with Death: My Journey Coping with the Birth and Loss of My Beautiful Daughter”

  1. I am so sorry for the loss of your beautiful baby. May you find peace. Hope you have a good support system to hold you strong.

  2. This is the most inspirational story of life I’ve read in years. You are one of the wisest mothers whose words I have ever read. When my daughter was born I quickly realized that she is just visiting. I remember thinking “This is just a lease”. Someday she will grow strong legs and walk right out of that door that I just carried her through… Or grow wings and fly out… Ever since then I have slowed down and lived in every moment that God blessed me with her instead of always living 30 seconds in the future.
    You are wise beyond you years, and your words will bring mothers comfort long after we both are gone. Thank you for sharing this story of realization. You have truly unlocked what life is all about, and you have my deepest sympathies with how you have learned this single truth of life. Share this story far and wide. Your tale will save the lives of countless mothers who find themselves where you once stood. They will need your wisdom if they are to carry on.

    Sending love and warm wishes your way, & wishing I could send more.

    • Thank you for your wishes and support, and thank you that you find my words inspiring. I was trying to encourage mothers around us who lose their children – miscarriages, or stillborns or otherwise. No matter how long or short the journey, we remain mums and we always carry our sons and daughters in our hearts, all the time. Hoping more mums find peace, with love

  3. My thoughts and energies are with you. Your little girl is teaching you everyday to dance as much as you can through this song called life.
    Since my dad died unexpectedly 2 days ago, I have coincidently been quoting Khalil Gibran in my head. I didn’t “lose” my dad like a shirt that can be found again. His death changed me, and when he left, a part of me left with him forever. Although, I find peace knowing he is always with me to teach and guide me. He is always part of me, but life is part of death. I hope you continue finding light and understanding.
    My favorite by Gibran – “Only when you drink from the river of silence shall you indeed sing. And when you have reached the mountain top, then you shall begin to climb. And when the earth shall claim your limbs, then shall you truly dance”

  4. So, so truly sorry for your loss…absolutely devastating. I hope u & family keep strong for each other💖

  5. Kanika there is no doubt that you are so brave! Your little girl is an angel, and she will be with you always!!! Also, do not let the feeling of loneliness and abandonment win you the game, God does not want you to feel alone, God does not want you to feel abandoned, He is your Father, and your Father WILL NEVER ABANDON YOU. God and your little princes will we with you everywhere

  6. So sad and so strong of you to share. I personally believe that no one ever dies, but the loss of the time with that person, well that cannot be replaced. I have found journal keeping to really help deal with all kinds of loss. My very best to you. xoxo Robin

  7. It was hard reading some of this touching story. Sorry for your loss and I hope you recover fully because life also comes with tons of joy. God bless.

  8. Sometimes there are great miracles and life’s tragedies. Many people who have experienced this will be encouraged and inspired by your story!

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