How to Heal Your Life and Create a Life You Love

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You can heal your life no matter how deep your scars might be. You can become the bright shining star you’re meant to be and there is plenty of love and support there for you.

Imagine this: You wake up feeling lighter, with a renewed sense of joy and inner peace. The chains that once held you back are finally broken, allowing you to embrace a life of emotional freedom. That’s a peaceful and happy state that you’d achieve when you’ve healed your life.

You can heal your life to rewrite your narrative

The past shapes your beliefs, thoughts, and emotions. Unresolved traumas or negative experiences can hold you back from living fully in the present and hinder personal growth.

But, when you accept and heal your past, you start the journey of emotional well-being and unlock your true potential.

You have the power to heal, grow, and rewrite your narrative! Open your heart to the infinite possibilities that lie ahead… 

Healing your life will help you: 

  • Express your emotions, thoughts, and feelings in a safe and supportive environment 
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Identify and release negative patterns and beliefs 
  • Express and release your emotions, thoughts, and feelings in a healthy way 
  • Cultivate self-compassion and self-love 
  • Develop new coping skills and strategies for dealing with stress and anxiety 
  • Improve your overall well-being and quality of life

Heal Your Life From the Past and Live in the Present

Life Makeover Heal Your Life - Art of Life Meditation Center - Art Therapy Meditation Class

Develop Emotional Awareness to Understand Your Emotions

Start by recognizing and acknowledging your emotions, without judgment or suppression. Simply try to become more aware of your feelings and how they relate to past experiences.

Without trying to analyze, be curious about the underlying causes of any emotional pain or trauma that you feel.

You can practice meditation, journaling or other healing modalities such as art therapy, that resonate with you to become more aware of your emotions.

Develop Deeper Acceptance and Compassion for Yourself

Instead of blaming yourself or dwelling on regrets, practice self-compassion by treating yourself with kindness, empathy, and understanding.

It’s ok if you feel you did something wrong. You were younger, you were learning. Congratulate yourself instead on how far you’ve come and the growth you’ve had.

Forgive Yourself

Forgive yourself for any perceived mistakes or shortcomings. Remember that nobody is perfect, and growth comes from learning and moving forward.

Self-forgiveness definitely went a long way in helping me move on feeling hopeful and positive about life when I was at my lowest. For a long time, I held myself accountable for sleeping while my daughter passed away when I was pregnant with her. After I let the guilt go, I felt I could breathe again.


We can hold a lot of criticism and judgment for ourselves. It’s time now to release that grip and give ourselves some love and healing.

Become Your Own Best Friend

Challenge self-critical thoughts by replacing them with self-affirming and supportive statements. Remind yourself of your strengths and accomplishments.

Understand that you’re only human and that making mistakes is a part of the journey. Treat yourself with the same kindness and compassion you would extend to a close friend who is going through a difficult time.

You Are Not Your Thoughts

Your thoughts have a significant impact on your emotional well-being. However, it’s crucial to understand that you are not defined by your thoughts.

Life Makeover Heal Your Life - Art of Life Meditation Center - Art Therapy Meditation Class thoughts

Understand the Nature of Thoughts

Thoughts are an integral part of the human mental space. Humans have thoughts constantly. Thoughts come and go all the time, and they impact your perceptions, emotions, and actions.

But, and big BUT…

Thoughts are not facts. Your thoughts have a tendency to feel like undeniable facts, but in reality, they are not always reliable or accurate representations of reality.

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All-or-Nothing Thinking

Sometimes one might see things in black and white, without any room for shades of grey. For example, if someone makes a small mistake, they might label themselves as a complete failure.

The truth is that while they made that mistake, they might be brilliant at other things.


At times, our brains can make broad conclusions based on limited evidence. For instance, if a person receives criticism at work, they might start believing that they are always incompetent.

Fortune Telling

Other times, an anxious mind can make negative assumptions about what will happen.

For example, someone might believe that they will fail an interview even before attending it, leading to increased stress and self-doubt.


Another cognitive distortion is when one attributes external events to themselves, even when they are not responsible.

It involves taking things personally and assuming that some action or event happened because of personal responsibility.

When I blamed myself for being a negligent mum because I slept unaware when my baby was dying inside the womb, that was massive personalization.

Generational Patterns

Families can often carry generational baggage – the unspoken patterns and dynamics that play out between family members over and over again.

These patterns can shape an individual’s attitudes, beliefs, and way of interacting with others.

Repetitive Behaviors or Unresolved Trauma

Repetitive behaviors (such as substance abuse, and emotional suppression) or traumatic experiences (such as abuse, neglect, or loss) can leave lasting imprints on individuals and subsequent generations.

These behaviors are learned and imitated from previous generations, creating a cyclical pattern that can be challenging to break.

Life Makeover Heal Your Life - Art of Life Meditation Center - Art Therapy Meditation Class path

Role Expectations

  • The patriarchal pattern: Where men are expected to be the primary breadwinners and decision-makers, while women are expected to be submissive and take care of the household.
  • The matriarchal pattern: In contrast, women hold the dominant role, making decisions and providing for the family, while men take on more supportive roles.
  • The egalitarian pattern: Where both partners share responsibilities and decision-making equally.

Communication Styles

Many families have specific communication patterns that are ingrained in their upbringing. Some families may have a tendency to avoid conflict, leading to a lack of open and honest communication. 

Others may have a more aggressive communication style, where conflicts are often expressed through yelling or aggression.

Challenge Negative Thought Patterns

Recognize and challenge negative thought patterns to identify the recurring themes and stories that your mind tends to create.

Adopting a beginner’s mind to approach your thoughts with curiosity and openness. Instead of assuming that your thoughts are absolute truths, step back and examine them with a fresh perspective.

Techniques to Heal Your Life

Letting go of things from the past can be a challenging process, but you can break free from your patterns, and create healthy relationships for future generations.

Here are some strategies and techniques that can help you release the grip of past experiences and move forward toward a more fulfilling future.

Practice Meditation

Meditation can allow you to observe your thoughts without judgment. By tuning into the present moment, you develop the ability to witness your thoughts as a passing event rather than the absolute truth.

This takes the charge away from the situation and gives you a more balanced and realistic outlook to heal your life.

Life Makeover – Healing and Growth with Art Therapy Meditations

Ever wish life came with a reset button? Consider the Life Makeover program your chance to press “do-over” and turn the page to a new chapter. It’s not about erasing the past but rewriting the future—your future, where every day feels like a “heck yes!”

  • Take Control of Your Time: Think of this as putting your day on “Do Not Disturb” so you can focus on what really matters.
  • Bring Desires to Reality: Like putting your dream house on a vision board, but actually getting the keys.
  • Create a Safe Emotional Space: Imagine a place where you can be as real as you are in your car during a solo road trip.
  • Connect with Your Inner Guidance: It’s like having a best friend inside you who always gives great advice.
  • Heal and Create a Joyful Life: Picture getting over your ex but like, times a hundred.

With the 14-day money-back guarantee, taking the leap is a no-brainer. Imagine waking up feeling like you’re winning at life, every single day.

Acknowledge and accept your past

The first step in healing your life is to acknowledge and accept it. This means recognizing the events, experiences, and emotions that have shaped you and understanding that they are a part of your story.

By accepting your past, you can begin to let go of any shame, guilt, or resentment that may be holding you back.

Practice Self-Compassion and Forgiveness

Self-compassion is crucial when it comes to letting go of the past. Understand that everyone makes mistakes, including yourself.

Treat yourself with kindness and compassion, and practice forgiveness. This includes forgiving both yourself and others who may have hurt you.

Surround yourself with positive influences

Surrounding yourself with positive influences can greatly aid in healing your past. Seek out supportive friends, family members, or mentors who uplift and inspire you.

Engage in activities and hobbies that bring you joy and fulfillment. By surrounding yourself with positivity, you can create a nurturing environment for healing and growth.

Practice self-care

Self-care is essential in healing your life. Take care of your physical, emotional, and mental well-being by engaging in activities that nourish and rejuvenate you.

This can include exercise, healthy eating, getting enough sleep, practicing mindfulness or meditation, and engaging in activities that bring you joy. By prioritizing self-care, you can create a strong foundation for healing and moving forward.

Shift Your Perspective

One effective way to let go of the past is to change your perspective on the events and experiences that keep haunting you. Look for lessons and growth opportunities in those situations to heal your life.

Ask yourself, “What can I learn from this?” or “How can I use this experience to become a stronger and wiser person?” Shifting your perspective can help you find meaning and purpose in your past, which can be empowering.

Release the Need for Control

Holding onto the past often stems from a desire to have control over what has already happened. However, it’s important to recognize that we cannot change the past.

Letting go involves surrendering the need for control and focusing on what you can control: your present actions and future choices.

Understand that holding onto the past only hinders your personal growth and prevents you from embracing new possibilities.

Create a New Story

Sometimes, we get stuck in our past because we keep replaying the same negative narratives in our minds. Take a step back and evaluate the story you’ve been telling yourself about the past.

Is it serving you or holding you back? Challenge negative beliefs and replace them with more empowering ones. Create a new narrative that focuses on resilience, growth, and positivity.

Seek therapy or counseling

Therapy or counseling can be incredibly helpful in healing your past. A trained professional can provide guidance, support, and tools to help you process and heal from past traumas or negative experiences.

They can also help you develop healthy coping mechanisms and strategies for moving forward.

At the Art of Life Center, we offer the Life Makeover program with Art Therapy Meditation classes that you’ll find relaxing and healing and super powerful to achieve a lasting change in your life.

Remember, healing your past is a journey, and it may take time. Be patient with yourself and celebrate the progress you make along the way. With dedication and self-compassion, you can heal from your past and create a brighter future.

Can You Heal Your Life - Art of Life Center - Art of Life Podcast - Meditation Classes

It’s a gift you give yourself, a testament to your courage and commitment to self-growth. 

I’m sending you love, strength, and the courage to release the past and embrace the magnificent journey ahead.  

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  1. I love all of the helpful information you included, working on yourself can be such a huge improvement not just for yourself but for everything around you as well.

  2. What a thoughtful and helpful post! I like the tip to start by recognizing and acknowledging our emotions, without judgment or suppression! Perfectly written!

  3. life is most precious, and creating a new good love life is very important to balance life. thanks for sharing.

  4. This post is a wonderful guide to transform your life positively and cultivate genuine happiness. Your practical advice and uplifting tone make it easy to embrace change and create a life filled with love and purpose. Your insights are truly motivating and inspiring.

  5. Like the saying… “You can heal your life” to rewrite your narrative. And you made my day. Thanks!

  6. Life can be tough. We make a lot of mistakes but its important to forgive ourselves to move on and have a happier life. I have tried writing myself a forgiveness letter and it felt soo good.

    • Love that Alita. Self forgiveness was huge for me. I realised I was holding myself guilty of so many things I had no control over. Honestly, I could breathe again. Kudos to you!

  7. I love how positive your post is. A lot of us chase happiness in others or the outside world but I realized and one of the great life lessons I had is that happiness is within ourselves. We create our own happiness.

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