The Everyday Guide to Manifesting: It’s Not Just Wishful Thinking, It’s Real Magic!

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Have you ever daydreamed about that dream job, the ideal relationship, or just being able to afford that holiday without thinking twice? That’s right, we’re diving into the magic sauce that makes dreams come to life: manifesting!

What is Manifesting Anyway?

Manifesting is like placing an online order with the universe. But instead of browsing Amazon for a new air fryer, you’re clicking on life goals like “find soulmate” or “pay off student loans.”

It’s not just about wishing on a star; it’s about saying, “Hey, Universe, I’m ready for the good stuff. Send it my way!”

Scientific studies show that our mind can influence various aspects of our lives. Manifesting uses the law of attraction to create your dream life, your way!

And let’s talk about ‘allowing.’ This isn’t about waiting for permission; it’s about giving YOURSELF permission to want, receive, and enjoy the things you’re craving in life.

Manifesting My Dream Job

You know how sometimes you don’t even know what you’re looking for until it finds you?

Yeah, that’s what happened with my dream job. I didn’t just want a job, I wanted a fantabulous job – the kind where you actually want to set your alarm in the morning. I needed it to check all my wishlist boxes—flexibility to spend time with my son, the freedom to do my daytime meditation courses, and oh yeah, it needed to have a killer paycheck, too. I know, I know, I was asking for a unicorn job.

It Gets Better: The Universe Delivered

Well, the universe wasn’t just listening; it was eavesdropping!

I casually mentioned to a pal that I moved to a new city. Next thing I know, he’s asking for my CV because surprise—his company is hiring in my area. Mind you, this was in an industry I hadn’t even glanced at, with roles I hadn’t even considered.

But wait, there’s more! The job was an exact match for my skill, would you believe!

Flexibility? Check! Amazing Team? Check!

Best of all, after landing the gig, my boss and I hashed out the deets to make sure I’d have the time and flexibility I craved. And the team? A-MAZ-ING! I experienced the kind of growth that’s not just about leveling up in a career, but also as a person. Talk about a win-win!

Tips and Exercises to Get Good at Manifesting?

Here’s where the rubber meets the road. Before you go off dreaming, do a vibe check. What’s happening in your heart and head? Clean your house emotionally, know your triggers, and create a balanced life. Basically, you gotta set the stage before the magic happens.

The ABCs of Allowing

Imagine the universe is a jam-packed dance floor. To make your move, you’ve got to create some space. Allowing is like stepping back to let the DJ drop your favorite tune—inviting, but not forcing the magic to happen.

Exercise 1: The Allowance Breath

  1. Inhale deeply through your nose, and imagine pulling in all the good vibes.
  2. Exhale through your mouth, imagining all your barriers and skepticism leaving your body.
  3. Repeat 5 times and say, “I am open to receiving.”

Update Your Beliefs and Mindsets

Mindset matters. Think of it as the costume you’re wearing to attract what you want. If you’re dressed like a clown but you want to be treated like a queen… well, there is a problem.

Exercise 2: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

  1. Look at yourself in a mirror.
  2. Lock your eyes with your gorgeous reflection and say, “I deserve my dreams.”
  3. Wink at yourself because you’re adorable and oh-so-worthy.

Side note: If you’re keen, check out this research on positive psychology interventions, which can be related to the practices often associated with the Law of Attraction, such as gratitude exercises and positive affirmations.

Grounding: The Spa Day Your Soul Didn’t Know It Needed

Imagine grounding as an emotional lint roller. You roll it over yourself and—boom!—all the negativity sticks to it, leaving you feeling fresh and fabulous. Check out the benefits of grounding here!

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So, whether you’re a manifesting newbie or a guru in the making, let’s make life the masterpiece it’s meant to be!

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