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I love this technique because this is truly a simple and powerful way to manifest. You could use this trick to manifest anything that you desire e.g to manifest weight loss, to heal after a breakup, to heal a physical ailment, or to find yourself a great job. And, you could try this to solve any problem that you are currently facing. For example, you could say, “I don’t get bothered when I see my ex” or “I find love everywhere I go”. Just play with this, go along believing and training your subconscious, and you’ll see results very soon, some say within the first week.

This is one of those really simple tools that don’t catch our attention so much simply because they sound too simple to be effective. But don’t dismiss this because of its simplicity, this totally works and I strongly think that the phrase technique deserves a lot more merit.

How it works

  1. Write down what you desire 20 times every day.
  2. Repeat this for a few days till you achieve your desired outcome.
  3. For faster results, try repeating your phrase mentally a few times every day.

So you see, this technique is really easy and simple. Heck, it only involves a few minutes every day and nothing else. This is absolutely worth trying at the very least.

Why it works

Now here’s why I think this works. Because you have to write this a couple of times, chances are, that you’ll make it precise enough and get really clear yourself about what you want. So this is already a great beginning. Just to get to the phrase, you’ve already figured out the core of WHAT it is you desire and WHY you desire it.

Now, you have to write this a couple of times a day. This means that you are going repeat this in your head at least 20 times. Somewhere, during this writing time, because it is a rather monotonous task, you switch from simply writing about your desire to thinking about your desire. Slowly, as an everyday process, you build up faith, you start imagining that your desire is coming to fruition, and you start imagining the fun that comes with it. You’re letting any resistance drift away and you are creating the desire into your life.

This is a bit akin to self-affirmations. In self-affirmations, you repeat your desired outcomes a few times so that you slowly start acknowledging the message and then your mind, conscious and unconscious, start working towards it. The phrase writing technique is similar. You are saying repeatedly that you’ll get money to pay your bill, or you’ll get a wonderful job etc, and you’re saying this till you start believing it fully, till you know that your desires are coming true, and then they do.

Skills required

Belief – Beginner and above

I find the phrase technique pretty powerful and doable no matter what level of ‘belief’ you are at. Like all things related to manifesting, it is beneficial if you can start with having faith in the exercise and having faith that your outcomes will materialize. However, the writing exercise trains you slowly ‘level up’ your belief too which is great.

Time – 5 minutes every day

You don’t really need a lot of time to practice the phrase technique. Just be diligent, keep the faith and keep going. Depending on what it is it that you are desiring, you might need to write for a week or more, but hey, it is only 5 minutes and it definitely is pretty manageable.

And here’s another tip, if for some reason you can’t write every day, simply speak your desired outcome aloud to yourself 20 times, while you are showering or driving or vacuuming or eating, I’m sure you get the drift. It is best to actually physically sit down and write what you want 20 times every day, but simply repeating it aloud is the next best option because repeating aloud also gets the message deep down inside to our subconscious mind.

Real Examples – Practicing Forgiveness

Like all techniques that I recommend, the phrase technique has also been tried and tested by yours truly. For this exercise though, I chose something really tricky. I decided that I’ll manifest forgiving easily and quickly. Can you imagine? Now, this definitely isn’t couldn’t be an easy task.

Now there is a background to what I desired. I had been practicing forgiveness for some time, and I practiced it daily. But even though I was progressing through the issue,  I felt my daily forgiveness practice took a long time. I was looking for a way that would be faster and didn’t need as much work from my end, at least for the smaller stuff. The phrase technique was definitely worth a try.

If you’re interested, my usual forgiveness process was that I would meditate, and then bring up the stuff that bothered me to forgive and let go. So I would mentally lay out the charges against the situation/person, then imagine reasons why this could have happened and why this wasn’t so bad after all because of how it helped me grow and achieve more. If this sounds too long-winded to you, I don’t disagree, and it’s precisely my reason for trying to shorten the process. I didn’t want to do this long exercise each time, and so I wondered about being able to let go without accumulating the negative charges, without letting things stick to me. Wouldn’t that be cool?

Now, as you know, forgiveness by itself is really huge for most of us. We usually have layers and layers of stuff that we should let go. I understood that total forgiveness would take time, but I was curious to find out what would happen if I just tried writing my forgiveness phrase daily.

Phrase Technique Example | Spiritual Manifestation | My Inner Strengths

I started to write, “I forgive and let go of my negative charges”. Honestly, I didn’t believe in this much when I did this, even on Day 1 or Day 2 for that matter. I was more going with the let’s-try-this-out mindset and I was simply open about what would happen.

So I diligently wrote the phrases the first day and the second day, I didn’t even write it twenty times, my notebook page let me write fifteen phrases on one side, and I assumed that fifteen should do the trick just as well instead of twenty. So I went with fifteen.

Mostly on Day 1 and Day 2, I was just thinking, “I am not sure if this will work, but ok, I’ll give it a go.” Then Day 3, I started going, “Ok, let’s just get a bit serious here. Maybe I’ll be able to let go easily.” Around Day 7, things really started to shift. Out of nowhere, I automatically started repeating, “I forgive and let go of my negative charges.” when my hot buttons were being pressed, most of the times. The phrase would just almost spontaneously come up in my mind. It started with the small stuff that triggered me just a little bit, but as I practiced this over and over, I would do this for some bigger annoyances too. This became my new forgiveness muscle, at least for most ‘new’ bothering stuff that hadn’t yet settled inside my body, I could simply repeat, “I forgive and let go of my negative charges.” and blow it all away. Powerful? You bet! I’m now doing more iterations of this phrase to release older stuck energy too, it’s empowering. Honestly, this is such a cool magic trick for me. I am in complete awe.

I hope you have some fun doing this too. Please share your stories too, I would love to hear how you’ve used this technique or others.

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