Awaken To Wonderland: Power Of Thought As Your Ultimate Reality-Crafter


Have you ever thought about your thoughts? Meta, I know. But what if those tiny whispers in your mind hold the key to your wildest dreams? Welcome to your ultimate guide on using the power of thought to craft the reality you’ve always wished for. Fairy godmother who?

You are the creator of all that occurs in all of your life experience. You create your physical life experience through your thoughts. Literally, every thought that you think gives birth to a creation.

Esther Hicks

Proof That Our Thoughts Create Our Reality

It’s not sci-fi; it’s neuroscience! Your brain is like a high-tech control room, directing every action, emotion, and yes—even your reality.

Quantum Physics

Our physical world is made up of 99.99999% empty space held together by a mysterious web of energy.  This energetic web forms the fabric of the universe or what we call reality.

The famous Double Slit Experiment shows how our thoughts create and influence reality, or the mysterious web of energy,  via the ‘Observer Effect’. The experiment demonstrates that the very act of observing a particle has a dramatic effect on its behavior.

Placebo Effect

The well-known placebo effect is also very simply a depiction of the power of our mind. In this phenomenon, a person takes a placebo drug that has no pharmacological or psychoactive properties. In fact, it is generally just a sugar pill. Yet the person experiences the benefits of having taken the real drug that would improve their condition.

How would you explain the placebo effect? The person’s health improves simply because (s)he expects his condition to improve.

Using the Mind to Heal the Body

There are also various other monumental examples of people healing themselves from chronic illnesses using medicine and their minds. A quick internet search will result in various examples of people successfully recovering from cancer or terrible accidents or becoming parents after infertile diagnosis.

I strongly encourage you to watch the documentary, Heal. The movie takes a scientific and spiritual journey to showcase that our thoughts, beliefs, and emotions have a huge impact on our health and ability to heal.

Everyday Positive Thinking and Affirmations

A study from the University of Pennsylvania found that optimistic thinkers are more resilient and better problem-solvers. So thinking positively isn’t just sunshine and rainbows—it’s a legit superpower!

Your mind always listens to what you tell it. You only have to say the same message consistently to get the result you want.

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How Can You Create Your Own Reality?

So now that we’re closer to understanding that our thoughts can create our reality, what can we really do so that our life is the way we want it? Well, let’s see.

1) Focus your thoughts on what you want, and not on what you do not want.

The number one factor that prevents us from getting what we want, is our focus on the lack of it.

Let’s say, my desire is to attract my soul mate. Now, this desire or any desire will only stem because something about my present situation is not completely fulfilling. It is disturbing to realize what is lacking, and even though I want the exact opposite, aka blissful pure love, I might keep thinking about what I don’t have.

Try to let of thoughts that are not serving you.

E.g. When I notice my best friend having a great time with her partner, I might feel jealous. I might think about how sad it is to be alone etc.

The problem with this pattern of thought? We attract what we think of most. If I am jealous, I attract jealousy and competition. If I am feeling sad, I attract more sorrow in my world.

So even though my intention is to attract true love, because I’m feeling otherwise, I’ll attract anything but love.

To be able to attract true love, I should come from a place of love, appreciating the things that I do have in my life. Depending on my situation, I could be grateful for my friends and family who’ve stuck with me, or the beauty that I’m able to enjoy around me such as a beautiful bright day, or a leisurely walk, etc.

If I think about lack, more lack will follow.
If I think about abundance, more abundance will follow.


2) Believe in your desire and expect it to happen.

The next most important thing is that when manifesting something, we must believe and expect it. Your beliefs must be in total agreement with what you want to create.

If you want to get wealthy, make sure your beliefs about money align with your desire.

Do you think that rich people aren’t nice? Then this thought might hold you from getting rich because your inner self is trying to protect you from such a fate.

Do you think that there is only limited money in the world? Consequently, if you get rich, then you are taking away from someone else? Well, you guessed it. This belief could be holding you back from amassing abundance.

power of thought life makeover Heal Your Life - Art of Life Meditation Center  - Art Therapy Meditation Class (3) thought

Note your conscious and subconscious beliefs about money. You want to give your mind clear instructions.

You can’t say, “I want to be wealthy but I don’t want to unpopular. I’d love to be rich, but I don’t want to take from someone else.” You’re actually really confusing your mind with contradictory statements!! Stop killing your dreams with ifs and buts.

Note your beliefs about what you want to manifest and let go of the ones that don’t serve you.

Old belief: Rich people aren’t nice.
New belief: There are lots of well-loved and respected rich people in this world, like Oprah.

All you need to do is to change your message to your mind, fill it with words and pictures that are in your best interest.

Old belief: Rich people are taking away from someone else.
New belief: Rich people can make a massive difference and give back to this world like Louise Hay.


3) Act as if you have already received it.

The final step to creating consciously is to visualize, to act as if you already have what you desired and to take steps in that direction.

A great example of this technique is that of the famous actor, Jim Carrey.

In the early 1990s, Jim was an unknown actor struggling to get by. So he wrote himself a cheque worth $10 million for acting services payable in 1994.

The Power of Thought Jim | My Inner Strengths

As a struggling actor when he began his career, Jim’s life would have been undoubtedly hard and short on money. Yet, by writing himself a cheque, he not only managed to motivate himself but also believe that $10 million was coming his way shortly.

I imagine you can already guess the happy ending to this story. Jim received exactly $10 million for his role in the movie Dumb and Dumber released in 1994.

This must also have been because by writing that cheque, Jim let go of his internal resistance to money. By believing that money was coming his way, he allowed it to flow to him. And by continuing to work towards landing his acting gigs, he created the channel through which he could receive the money he desired.

power of thought life makeover Heal Your Life - Art of Life Meditation Center  - Art Therapy Meditation Class (3) become

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Conclusion: Are You Ready to Awaken Your Wonderland?

You, my friend, are on the cusp of something magical. Your thoughts have the potential to be the wand that grants your every wish, shapes your every reality, and bestows upon you a life that’s truly wonderful.

So go on, put on your magician’s hat and start waving that wand. Your wonderland awaits!


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