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I recently held the class Art Therapy – Creating Time for Hobbies as part of the Like Makeover Program.

The name is a little bit of a misnomer. It suggests that the class is to make more hobby time. But really, it’s not limited to time for hobbies.

The concept of the class is to unload busyness and build in more of your ‘me’ time. In the class, we play with the energy of time for the coming week.

But what does energy of time mean and can you shift time in your favour? I have done a podcast on making life less overwhelming. Check it out!

As I held the class, I worked energy for myself too. And guess what? I taught the class on Friday and Saturday. And on Sunday, I was painting… How amazing!

I absolutely love to paint. I’m not a great artist at all, I barely can even paint. But there’s magic that happens when I hold the brush. Time stops and I get into ‘play’ mode. I don’t focus on what my painting is going to look like, I try to have fun drawing strokes and colours as they pull me. In this mindful process of listening to what my body wants me to put outside, somewhere I come out of the drawing feeling a lot more present and joyful.

But I hadn’t painted for a few months till this class, so this was a welcome break. My son’s school had posted they wanted helpers to paint two sheets representing water. And I opted in. My living room became a studio as the carpets got rolled up, but it was massive fun. As for my representation of water, it came out alright. What do you think?

The fun with the class didn’t end with the painting. As I walked through the class, I also put in intent for a lot more of ‘me’ time for myself, a time where I connect within. And as Monday and Tuesday progressed, I got the guidance that I need to do less of what keeps me in ‘doing’ mode and more of what keeps me ‘tuned into me’.

So I decided to focus more on meditating and podcasting. Both nourish me on the inside, giving me growth and awareness so that I am fueled up to create more in the world.

As you probably know already, I use my meditations for cleansing and for guidance in all big and small steps in my life.

The podcast is new. I’ve started a podcast, Art of Life. It’s my growth space to own my voice and messages, and be comfortable being vulnerable. If you wish, you can check my podcast here.

The rest of the week went a lot more easily too. I had a day full of meetings on Thursday, and somehow it all flowed amazingly. There was no chaos or sense of ‘rush’. I snuggled a long lunch in between with a friend too, on a day that was supposed to be ‘busy’ with no calendar space!

And all this happened, simply because we took an hour to play with the energy of time. Isn’t that incredible?

Seemingly, we didn’t do much in the Art Therapy class on time. We sat in our comfy chairs, did some visualisations and scribbled with colours to clear energy on the coming week. We grounded what didn’t serve us, and we put in the desire of how we would like our week to be. That’s not hard at all.

Students reported feeling a lot more ease and getting time to do gardening or play guitar as well. One person mentioned that for some reason, most of his colleagues took days off during the week so he had no one sending emails or doing meetings!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and would like to regain some freedom in your day-to-day busy life, I highly encourage you to join the Art Therapy class on Creating Time for Hobbies. This class is now offered as part of the Life Makeover Program.

Tired of feeling like the best version of you is just out of reach, like that top-shelf cookie jar you’re too short to get to? Seriously, Life Makeover is the juiciest and results focused transformation program you’ll find. Climb up and treat yourself to a life that’s as sweet and satisfying as those elusive cookies.

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