Art Therapy: Connecting With Your Body


Playful art-based meditative class for connecting with your body. Tap into your inner creativity and make friends with your body.😊

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Start Connecting With Your Body With Fun Art Therapy

Welcome to a unique class that combines the healing power of art therapy with the practice of mindfulness. Through a series of guided exercises, you will learn to connect with your body and explore your emotions in a safe and supportive environment.

No prior art experience is necessary, as the focus is on the process rather than the end result. This class is perfect for anyone looking to reduce stress, increase self-awareness, and cultivate a deeper connection with their body and emotions.


  • Guided art therapy session to help you connect with your body and emotions
  • Mindfulness practices to help you stay present and focused
  • Learn to ground to release stress and anxiety
  • Call in high-vibration energy into your life
  • Develop new coping skills and tools for managing difficult emotions
  • Improve their mental health, reduce stress, and increase self-awareness
  • Suitable for all skill levels
  • Accessible online format that you can do from the comfort of your own home
  • Personalized support to ask questions and follow up on class goals with tailored guidance


  • Increase self-awareness and emotional intelligence
  • Reduce stress and anxiety through art therapy
  • Learn new skills and techniques for self-expression
  • Improve your overall well-being and quality of life
  • Cultivate a deeper connection with your body and emotions

In this class, you’ll learn how to start tapping into your body signals to make better decisions. You can start exploring why you have a body ache or a disease, and what you can do to ease yourself of the pain.

You’ll tap into some deeper awareness about yourself, and you’ll connect with your own inner guidance on how you can become your own best friend. A new relationship and a new beginning starts here.

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Art Therapy Class

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