Energy Clearing


These one-on-one sessions empower students to use their tools for seeking inner guidance . The purpose is to help students see that they are the magicians of their own life and further enable them to own their superpower.

45 minutes session

Book the session as per your availability. This will be a live online session with your teacher.
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Energy-clearing sessions are one-on-one sessions between a teacher and an active student.

During an energy check, the teacher clears any blocking energies in the student’s space to hose off that pressure. The teacher also looks at how the tools taught in the classes are working for the student, and then wards off that energy.

For the student, these sessions are vital to help them progress to the next step. . First, as the energy gets cleared in their space, they get immense healing. Their life goals get easier and more achievable. Second, the sessions also allow for some personal time where students can talk more openly, ask any questions and learn how the tools can help them with their desires more specifically.

The whole idea of energy-clearing sessions is to empower students to create the life of their dreams more and more. The purpose is to help students see that they are the magicians of their own life and further enable them to own their superpower.

How is energy clearing done?

Energy clearing is done online via Google Meet/Zoom or similar tools. Students can attend using their computer or phone and an internet connection.

During the session, the teacher looks at the student’s energy clairvoyantly and tunes into the person’s spirit. The spirit then shows how the student;’s energy and tools are working. The teacher can see where some energy might need to be moved, or other beings and entities interfering. Depending on the student’s level of training, the teacher will either remove the disturbing energies herself or guide the student to do it on their own so that they can learn.

The session usually has spurts of talking and spurts of silence as energy is being worked through. Both the teacher and the student are actively clearing space during the session. The session ends when the student’s energy has been cleared and feels more expansive giving them room to grow.

Can I change the appointment time after it has been booked?

Appointment timings can be changed for free upto 2 days in advance unless there is an emergency like severe illness, death in the family, natural disaster etc.

What if I miss an appointment?

Please choose the time for the session carefully. A dropbox at the top allows you to pick the timezone for your booking. You can also choose to add the appointment to your calendar when you’ve finished booking.

If you miss an appointment, it counts as a no-show. You can book a new paid session. Consideration can be given to emergency situations like severe illness, death in the family, natural disaster etc.

About the Teacher – Kanika

Kanika 285x300 Energy Clearing

Kanika’s growing years were thoroughly methodical. As an Engineer and MBA professional, most things in life were led by analysis and very black and white. Until life crashed…

Life was already getting hard, but then at 31 weeks of a healthy pregnancy, she lost her daughter. No reason, no warning… She woke up one morning not feeling any baby movement and that was it. She didn’t know how to live on, but ironically, death gave her an appreciation for life and the bigger role of our souls and divine purpose.

She’s since started diving deep into past lives and soul purpose, healing our timeline, and ancestral lineage. She has completed various psychic trainings to hone clairvoyant reading, healing and teaching abilities. The more she’s healed herself inside, the more joy and abundance she’s created in her physical life and for those around her.

She truly believes that life works inside out, that if you make change happen within, magic will show on the outside. Her vision is to make magic accessible to everybody.