Energy Healing


Let healing guides and angels give you a nourishing soul and body healing to experience more joy and freedom. 45 minutes session

45 mins session

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Step into the realm of rejuvenation with our ‘Energy Clearing’ service

Guided by healing spirits and angels, this nourishing experience offers you a pathway to more joy and freedom. It’s not just an energy detox, it’s a soulful journey!

As you relax, the guides get to work, sweeping away the energetic cobwebs, unblocking the nooks and crannies of your aura, and pulling out the energetic cords that have been messing with your mojo. It’s like a deep cleanse for your body and soul. You might even feel a bit of a tingle as the healing vibes flow through you!

What can you expect from an energy-healing session?

This unique experience can be as diverse as the people who seek it. Maybe you’ll feel it on a cellular level, or perhaps it’ll be a more ethereal experience. Either way, it’s a tailor-made, energy revamp that’s unique to you.

Got a bothersome backache? Need to clear out unwanted vibes from your business space? Or perhaps your home could use a burst of balance? ‘Energy Clearing’ isn’t picky, it’s here to heal! From physical ailments to the energetic aura of spaces and relationships, there’s nothing a good energy cleanse can’t tackle!

Examples? We’ve got ’em! Healing chronic illnesses, banishing outside presences from homes, shifting troublesome tenants for more grounded ones, and even warding off negativity from a business space. And let’s not forget healing personal traumas to usher in abundance and flow.

Energy Clearing doesn’t just clear negativity, it boosts your mood, your spirit, and your life! Are you ready to feel vibrant, recharged, and a whole lot happier? Book today, and let’s clear the way for some serious positivity!


Energy Healer – Kanika

Kanika’s growing years were thoroughly methodical. As an Engineer and MBA professional, most things in life were led by analysis and very black and white.

Until life crashed…Life was already getting hard, but then at 31 weeks of a healthy pregnancy, she lost her daughter. No reason, no warning…

She woke up one morning not feeling any baby movement and that was it.

She didn’t know how to live on, but ironically, death gave her an appreciation for life and the bigger role of our souls and divine purpose.

She’s since started diving deep into past lives and soul purpose, healing our timeline, and ancestral lineage. She has completed various psychic trainings to hone clairvoyant reading, healing and teaching abilities.

The more she’s healed herself inside, the more joy and abundance she’s created in her physical life and for those around her.

She truly believes that life works inside out, that if you make change happen within, magic will show on the outside.

Energy Healing

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