House Healing

Release any negative vibrations and energies in your house to create a home filled with abundance and joy.

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Introducing our ‘House Healing’ service

Is your home or business feeling a bit… off? Does walking into certain rooms feel like stepping into a winter chill? Are your electronics pulling a poltergeist? Or perhaps the little ones are spotting ‘monsters’ in the closet? You, my friend, might need a House Healing!

A house is more than four walls, and energy doesn’t always flow as freely as we’d like. Whether it’s a stubborn presence that refuses to leave, or old energy that’s stuck like gum under a school desk, we’re here to help. Our House Healing service is designed to release these energies, bringing fresh, vibrant, and fun energy that will make your space feel lighter, more energetic, and as comforting as a warm cup of tea on a rainy day.

Don’t let unwelcome entities dictate your life or drain your energy. Give your home or business the energetic spring cleaning it deserves with our House Healing service. Because a happy house is a happy you!

How does house healing work?

It’s like a spa day, but for your home! And the best part? No need to tidy up for guests, because this service is 100% remote. I visualize your space in my mind’s eye, like a psychic floorplan, and work through each area step by step. I clean out energy blockages like a spiritual plumber and fill each room with fresh, vibrant vibrations, best suited for your prosperity.

How can you book a house healing?

Booking a House Healing session is as easy as scheduling a free discovery call. We’ll chat about why your space needs healing and find a time that works for both of us. Most sessions cost between $200 to 450, confirmed during the consultation.

What can you expect after a house healing?

You’ll notice a palpable shift in your home’s energy! Spaces that were once off-putting or uncomfortable will feel more inviting, making the entire house feel more like ‘you’. It’s essentially helping you reclaim your space in the most serene way possible.

Remember, house healing isn’t just about improving a space, it’s about enhancing your life. We can’t have you living in a space that’s hoarding bad vibes now, can we? 😄

Teacher – Kanika


Kanika’s growing years were thoroughly methodical. As an Engineer and MBA professional, most things in life were led by analysis and very black and white. Until life crashed…

Life was already getting hard, but then at 31 weeks of a healthy pregnancy, she lost her daughter. No reason, no warning…

Ironically, death gave her an appreciation for life and the bigger role of our souls and divine purpose.

She’s since started diving deep into past lives and soul purpose, healing timeline, and ancestral lineage.

She has completed various programs on clairvoyant reading, healing and teaching.

The more she’s healed herself inside, the more joy and abundance she’s created in her physical life and for those around her.

Her desire is to make magic accessible to everybody.

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